We are a small home rescue located on the edge of Wareham Forest in Dorset and are a husband and wife team. We are both passionate about nature and supporting our wildlife as much as possible. Sandy has had much experience in rescue over the years and we used to take on board small amounts of wildlife that needed basic help. During the covid lockdown we decided to fully embrace supporting our very vulnerable and beautiful wild birds, and set up our registered charity (No. 1194952).

It has gone from strength to strength and we couldn’t have done it without all the courses, knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, as well as all the support and advice we receive (and continue to receive) from our fellow rehab and rescue centres – plus we are so fortunate to have full support of many local vets.

We are both self employed and have “normal” jobs as we have to work to pay our household bills. Any money raised or donated to the rescue is solely spent on the birds in our care. We run the rescue voluntarily out of love and passion for wild birds – we do not take a wage from the charity. Know that any donation, no matter how small or large, solely goes towards the birds in our care.

We are always looking for volunteer drivers to collect birds from various areas and bring them into rescue, so if you fancy helping out this way, please do get in touch! Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer any other kind of voluntary work or training at this time.

Thank you.
Sandy and Chris