Please Text or WhatsApp Message for all bird enquires
Please DO NOT email for a poorly or injured bird!

For urgent cases, such as injuries, broken limbs, poorly, grounded or baby birds, please contact Sandy on Text or WhatsApp 0771 965 8751 or Facebook Messenger and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Please do not call or leave a voicemail as being rural we may not be able to call you back or listen to the message. If the bird is in a bad way, please take it to any vet asap.

If you find a baby bird, or any bird that you are concerned about please read this before you do anything.

For NON urgent enquiries please email The email is NOT REGULARLY MONITORED so only use this for general questions and do not send emails about any bird that may be injured, poorly or abandoned.

Thank you. Sandy
Text or WhatsApp message: 0771 965 8751